Attitude in Washington County

There’s a new report available about attitudes toward transportation in Washington County (PDF, 669K), based on data collected from 403 interviews this spring.

There are a number of interesting tidbits in this report:

  • Transportation issues are top-of-mind for two-thirds of respondents. Education was second at 34%.
  • The system is better than it was ten years ago, but roads are under-funded.
  • The average commute among respondents is 12.6 miles [contrast this to a regional average of 7 miles, as quoted by Rex Burkholder] and longer commutes breed dissatisfaction.
  • Hillsboro has the highest MAX usage, at 22%.
  • More people walk to work (12%, at least part way), than bike (6% at least once a week).
  • Efficient use of tax dollars is an important value.
  • Residents are split down the middle on mass transit spending: 49% oppose it and 47% favor it.
  • System Development Charges are the most commonly mentioned source for funding transportation.

That’s an interesting puzzle to figure out!

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