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Yours truly will be doing some traveling over the next few weeks, including a Metro-sponsored trip up to Vancouver, B.C., to see not the central city (that’s been so done already), but the suburbs!

While I’m sure my travels will provide things for me to write about here, I’m also looking for some guest posts to keep the regular flow going. Take the opportunity to be a guest blogger. Send your submissions to

4 responses to “Your Opinion or Observation in this Space”

  1. Chris see if you can talk the boys at Metro
    in scheduling a trip to Curitiba, Brazil.
    They had a planner from there speak here a few years back
    and the former Mayor, Jaime Lerner, who is
    responsible for much of the good work in the city,
    including their world recognized transit system
    was in Portland as well and spoke to many of the locals.

  2. ^^^ Don’t you mean the American “Party Like it’s 1959” Conference? Luckily for us, that conference’s agenda represents a marginalized auto-centric ideology gasping for its last breath of sick air.

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