Wanted: Advocate

I got a note yesterday that Jessica Roberts, the BTA’s regional advocate extraordinaire, is leaving BTA to join Alta Planning. The BTA’s loss will be Alta’s gain – Mia Birk is collecting quite a pool of bikey talent there, and in the long run that’s a good thing for our community and a lot of other communities that Alta is helping plan transportation facilities for.

But I want to particularly appreciate Jessica for her work, and for playing a central role in helping get Portland Transport started. Jessica was one of our first contributors (back in the days before BTA had their own blog). And when we wanted to incorporate as a non-profit, Jessica stepped up to be a board member for our fledgling enterprise.

So thank you, Jessica, and we’ll expect more great things from you in your new role.

Now who’s going to step up and fill those big pedals? There’s no shortage of bikey commitment and savvy in this town, so start filling in that application form.

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