Sport Columnist Conflates Streetcar, Trailblazers

I wouldn’t even have seen it if a reader had not e-mailed me a link, since I don’t regulary read the sports page, but yesterday Dwight Jaynes’ commentary in the Portland Tribune suggests that the “keep Portland wierd” foks are winning, wondering when we’ll stop building Streetcars and start rattling Paul Allen’s cage about keeping the Blazers here in Portland.

To get elected here you need to pay homage to bike paths, streetcars, trams and light rail – which is fine as long as there is an admission that all that stuff is nothing more than a tiny answer to our congestion problems.

My goodness, find me a politician who is willing to admit that and you’ve found a treasure. But I don’t expect it anytime soon. We continue to preach urban density – dropping hundreds of residents onto blocks (such as in South Waterfront) designed for no residents – and then we call those traffic-clogging streetcars part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

OK, Dwight, here’s the play: we’ll sell the eastbank freeway to a private company who will charge us tolls to use it. Then we’ll turn around and use the proceeds of the sale to buy the Blazers from Paul Allen, and the Rose Garden from Allen’s creditors. Will that make you feel better?

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