Lowell Streetcar Costs

There was a question last week about the recently approved budget for the Lowell Streetcar extension and why it appeared higher on a per-mile basis than prior extensions.

I wanted to have the detailed data before answering. While part of the reason is that all construction costs are up, this project actually contains $2.6M in street construction. So the actual Streetcar project is a little under $12M.

Track Construction $3,425,618
Rail Procurement $554,530
Overhead Electrical System $3,422,845
Street Construction $2,622,502
Private Utilities $1,965,073
Construction Contingency 5% $364,432
Subtotal $12,355,000
Design, Management, City Staff
Design/Project Management $1,183,500
City Staff $175,000
Other (PSI Expenses, Const. Office) $31,500
Subtotal $1,390,000
Misc. (NextBus Adjustments, Signs, etc.) $255,000
Reimbursement Agreement Obligations $425,000
Striping $25,000
Subtotal $705,000
TOTAL $14,450,000

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