Popular Media Intersects Transportation

It was bound to happen, transportation videos showing up on YouTube. Here are two.

From Dave Brook, traffic in India (I love the pedicabs).

And off the SHIFT list, a different way to get bikes up hills.

4 responses to “Popular Media Intersects Transportation”

  1. Those have been up for a while, transit related videos that is. Look up bullet train! That’ll really make ya jealous.

    As for India… jeez, that really makes ya love traffic lights!

  2. Whoa! We ought to look into getting some of those bicycle lifts in Portland. We wouldn’t need many, but it could help fill in a few difficult hiher-traffic links in the bike network.

    I wasn’t sure from the film … was payment required to use the lift? Could a quarter or fifty cents toll defray enough of the cost to make something like this feasible?

  3. Jim, I’m looking at this thread trying to see where anyone said we should emulate the Indian video. I did say I loved the pedicabs, but you’re extending that comment with a whole lot more meaning than anyone actually said.

    I’m happy to look at low-energy-signature technologies from anywhere. But that certainly doesn’t mean I would want to take the street design or safety standards from that video!

    The bike lift of course is from a first-world country and I wouldn’t mind at all if we tried one of those.

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