Pausing for a Moment of Reflection

A few updates on the state of the organization…

  • Apparently newspapers are not quite a dead medium yet. They’re still useful to drive traffic to the web. Monday’s article pushed us to 645 visitors for the day, more than 100 over our previous record.
  • Somewhere in the last few days we slipped past 80,000 visitors over the life of the blog.
  • And the IRS has just officially affirmed our 501(c)(3) status [not to worry, your contributions were deductible during the application process].

On that last note, we still need to pay off our lawyer (who is doing the 501(c)(3) work pro bono – thank you, Heather!) for the $150 IRS application fee. So if you’re basking in the glow of our successful little community here, please hit the PayPal link on the home page and feed the bank account a little.

Thanks for everyone’s participation in making this a great site!

One response to “Pausing for a Moment of Reflection”

  1. Chris,
    congrats on the site! Missed the piece in the rag on Sunday, but sounds like they treated you right.

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