Lloyd Meter Rates to Rise

I recently received a press release from PDOT indicating that in September, the long-term rate for parking on-street in the Lloyd District will go from 50 cents to 75 cents per hour (the short-term spaces are already 75 cents).

I imagine this is intended to get more employees into TMA programs (not to mention more revenue). My question is what’s the policy basis for differentiating parking rates in different parts of the City? Why does an hour downtown cost $1.25 while an hour in the Lloyd is $0.75? Anybody got a theory?

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  1. Because in the Lloyd district there are places close enough that you can park there and walk. When I worked in the Lloyd District – and didn’t ride my bike to work – I always parked over by Safeway on Weidler/Broadway and walked the couple blocks to my office. When we go to events at the Rose Quarter / Convention Center we park up where there are no meters and walk… As the prices rise on the meters, I am sure more people will do this.

    I am conflicted about this issue. Because I fear that if parking in the Lloyd district, Downtown, Northwest, or Hawthorne get too expensive or difficult it will drive people to the burbs and places like Streets of Tanasbourne and Bridgeport Villiage. In my opinion – horrible places with no heart, chain restaurants that are the same everywhere, and soul-less car oriented developments with no easy way for pedestrians to get from one side of the street to the other…

    But on the other hand, I believe that car drivers should pay more – including myself – to shoulder the full burden that cars place on society and communities.

    This is a very very tough issue and a careful balance is required….

  2. I agree with VR. Portland is unique in that downtown is kind of on an island between the West Hills and the river–parkers are kind of held captive. It also seems that there are more off-street lots in the Lloyd District (the mall, for example) where people could (illegally) avoid the meters and park for free.

    The bottom line is that its hard to have a marketplace when the playing field isn’t level. Parking at suburban malls really shouldn’t be free.

  3. This city really wants to punish people who own cars! I am irate about this incredibly stupid plan to raise parking rates. I am even more upset they are getting rid of annual parking passes for people who live in the area beginning the end of this year. I moved to the Lloyd District back in April in an effort to save about $200 a month I was spending on gas. Now that my lease is up, the apartment complex is raising my rent $100 because I am “under market”. That combined with the city’s plan to eliminate the $15/year parking pass for residents will force me to spend another $100 for parking in the underground structure. So there goes my savings by living in the downtown area. Mass transit and bike aficionados seem to be forgetting that people with cars subsidize their “choice” in transportation and then at the same time they elect people into office who try to punish carowners. No wonder why big business is leaving Portland and suburbs like Vancouver and Beaverton are growing faster than Portland. I am all for bike, pedestrian and transit friendly options for those who want to use them but they should be paying part of the cost too, not by punishing auto owners through ludicrous fees. I am going to move back to the suburbs and get out of this overpriced sty!

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