Citizen Activism – Our Chief Blogger Recognized

This morning the Oregonian recognized Chris, our tenacious founder and sustainer. Anna Griffin did a nice job on this article, read it at

In the honor of Chris’s community mind, spirit, and 30 hour “real” work week, please let us know how you feel about citizen activism, public involvement, and corporate activism in our transportation world.

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  1. Chris:
    Loved the article in the fish wrap this morning, keep up the good work… love attending the CAC meetings representing Washington County, look forward to gettting service back on the Beaverton Wilsonville link, these tracks have been in place nearly if not all of the past century, bout time passenger service was restored…have discussed with Rick how this line could tie in the two airports–PDX and Aurora airports the one remaining very expandable airport in the valley…CU at the next CAC meeting… DICK

  2. Thanks for being a community activist. density and transportetion is a big issue in the South Waterfront. I’m concerned about the PDC incouraging cars in the area. The city will build 400 afforadable housing units above a 1400 space parking garage. The city can’t build until OHSU builds the garage. The PDC just purchased 100 parking spaces for the affordable housing units for 3 million dollars. This incourages driving in a high density development. They plan to purchase more. The inittal purchase was to help OHSU jump start constrution. The housing units will be for people who make 60 to 80 percent of medium income based on FYI. If the city purchases more parking spaces it will create a new amenity which will cause the city to restrict housing to the 80% bracket. Their is nothing in the plan for Flex Cars. On one hand the PDC wants streecars and other mass transit options but then encourage driving. This does not make sence. Also thousands of OHSU employes make 60 to 80% of FYI which means the new housing could end up becoming a subsidized housing project for OHSU employes. Whats up with the PDC purchasing parking spaces. tom

  3. Chris, I liked the article in the Oregonian and the fact that you have not been in this for personal gain. I too have been actively working to create balance with common sense when it comes to transportation priorities and investment in the State of Oregon and our region. Look at my posting on funding to get an idea of some of my thoughts. I support most all transit methods but reason has to come to play. I cannot accept using planned congestion (the end dose not justify the means) to create artifical needs for social engineering purposes. Family wage jobs and the health of the people are lost in that equation. Special interests and elite have been controlling most of the transportation agenda in our region. If we do not solve the problems of the lack of real capacity with our roads and highways our economy will begin to fail, there will less family wage jobs and more people will be lokking to government for everything. For me to tell someone to go to Texas, Mexico, China or someplace in the third world just to find a job does not compute. To kill air and water in Oregon and our region because of congestion does not compute. To invest into transportation projects that take needed money and priority from projects that can bring common sense gains and balance equally does not compute. We must quit experimenting with the people of our region. It is time to get back to the basics and build the roads and highways needed to support family wage jobs and the quality of life the the people of our region want and expect.

  4. Boy what a fluff piece!

    I wonder if the Oregonian would ever be so nauseating in describing activists who aren’t bought into the anti-car/social engineering/pro-congestion/tell-us-all-how-we-must-live community?

    For instance, would they be so nice about Mel Zucker or Randall O’Toole? Fat chance.

    Enjoy Anna’s nose up your anus while it lasts.

  5. How often do people make the front page of The Oregonian without doing something notorious? Congrats!!! One tidbit I found interesting in the article is that Chris’ technology whiz friend prefers to drive everywhere while he uses transit and bikes.

    From my standpoint, I appreciate the fact Chris runs this blog and that I can articulate my opinions even though I tend to express the minority view of those who post here.

  6. Keep us the good work Chris. Your dedication is a tremendous service for the community and I am glad that the O finally recogzied your work!

  7. Jim –

    Mel Zucker and Randall O’Toole are quoted frequently and widely in newspapers throughout the USA, as well as many web sites.

    Mel Zucker gets over 400 hits while Randall has over 1,000.

    – Bob R.

  8. Yes, congradulations! I saw the article in the newspaper at work and was wondering why I did not remember seeing a post about it this morning… And welcome to all the new posters.

  9. Hey, “Chris Smith” gets 4,000,000 hits in Google! Think this newspaper thing could be blowing up my ego?

    There’s the congressman, the PGA pro, the NFL Player and Baron Smith of Finsbury.

    This Chris Smith doesn’t show up until page 8 (a Blue Oregon post). That takes my ego back down to size :-)

    Thanks, everyone, for the kind words.

    — Chris

  10. Chris, we haven’t run into or talked to each other in quite a while. Too bad the article didn’t specifically mention Boston University. Loved the write-up and keep up the good work.

    Note: I commute in a related direction but go a bit farther. Meet a carpool of 4-5 people at Tualatin P&R and go down the asphalt past Xerox a bit: Salem (am an analyst at DMV HQ).

    Hope our paths cross again sometime, somewhere.

    Bill Cohen SMG’ ’74

  11. Would Portland consider, with Federal and State help, running the MAX train as far south as, to and including, Eugene? It would have great potential for developement of the whole Willamette Valley. It would cost of course, but it would sure help the 3:30 PM., traffic on Highway 5 south. That is stop and go after 3:00 PM. daily. (Think of the gas and frustation it would save.) It seems that people down in the valley are not to please with AMTRACK service.

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