Blogger Cooks

In the blatant self-promotion category, yours truly is part of a team hosting one of the City Club’s “Citizen Salons“. Our event is a brunch on Sunday August 20th with Metro President David Bragdon and Lake Oswego Mayor Judie Hammerstad as featured guests.

Both are members of the state’s Big Look Task Force, re-examining the land use planning system, and that will be the topic of our salon.

Breaking news: President Bragdon will be bringing a planning expert from Vancouver, B.C.’s Simon Fraser University as a guest.

I’m told there are still a few places open at the table, so call City Club today at 503-228-7231, extension 103.

The meal is a “seasonal brunch sampling the bounty of of Oregon’s agriculture with farmer’s market ingredients”. You can see if I cook as well as I pontificate.

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