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A few weeks ago I received an e-mail note about a book called “How to Live Well without Owning a Car.” I picked up a copy at Powells, but it’s still sitting in my ‘to read’ stack. My intent was to write a piece about it when I finished (in my defense, I’m reading another transportation book right now that I suspect I will write about when done).

But before I can get to it, the Trib comes along with an article about it:

There’s even a chapter titled “Should you move closer to where you work?,” which offers well-founded arguments for picking up and moving down the street from the office.

Balish recognizes that all of us have lives outside the workplace, so he also focuses on quandaries such as how to run errands, arrange a getaway weekend and avoid being seen as a car moocher by family and friends.

Singletons will take heart from the chapter “Socializing and dating without a car.” It includes 13 ways to respond when your dream date asks why you don’t own an automobile (“I’m trying to save enough money to buy a house”) and more than 25 date ideas (“Exercise together — attending the same yoga class can be very sexy”).

I’ll read it on the plane next week.

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