A Biodesiel Enthusiast

PDXBiodiesel is a biodiesel enthusiast / advocate who has been using biodiesel in two late model vehicles for more than 60,000 combined miles. He is a web developer and has lived in Portland since 1998 and enjoys being active in the community, and its online presence.

Portland has been a hotbed of biodiesel activism, and we have for a few years had a substantial Biodiesel market. We are lucky to have several companies providing biodiesel with retail availibility. But until recently, the locations of their public pumps were difficult to find, and there was no one convenient location listing all the pumps. Anyone interested in buying biodiesel had to first find out who the retailers were, and then contact them to find out their pump locations.

In an effort to make it easier to find retail Biodiesel pumps, I created PDXBiodiesel.org, which is a Google Maps mashup of the retail pump locations in the Portland metro area. It contains all of the retailers and pumps that sell to individuals without requiring bulk sales or delivery.

Biodiesel is made from vegitable oil. Most commonly in the United States it is made from soy, however it can be made from Canola, Rapeseed, and even recycled deep fryer or cooking oil. Biodiesel is simply diesel fuel that is made from a vegitable base instead of a petroleum base, and Biodiesel can be used in almost every diesel powered vehicle with no modifications – and in any blend, up to 100% Biodiesel!

Biodiesel burns significantly cleaner, quiets your engine, reduces soot, and produces significantly fewer lifecycle CO2 emmissions than regular petroleum based diesel. Currently the bulk of the biodiesel in Oregon is made from recycled vegitable oil, and Oregon farmers are working on growing Canola based biodiesel stocks as rotational crops. Several production facilities are being built in the Northwest, making Biodiesel largely a locally produced fuel with significant environmental benefits. Biodiesel is just one peice in the puzzle of reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

There are some considerations you will want to make if you are planning on using biodiesel in your diesel vehicle. For more information there are links to other sites with many details and the forums at Biodieselnow.com are great for getting questions answered or further discussion. I recommend reading and being informed before you make _any_ decision, and Biodiesel use is no different.

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