The Streetcar that Swallowed the Meeting

Yesterday morning at JPACT, discussion of Eastside Streetcar chewed up almost the whole meeting (Sam Adams’ resolution about Hayden Island used the rest). The rest of the agenda got pushed out to August.

In the end, the committee unanimously endorsed Metro Council adoption of the Locally Preferred Alternative, but not before a number of neighborhood activists from Brooklyn and Sellwood/Moreland reminded the committee how important South Corridor (aka Milwaukie) Light Rail is.

Milwaukie Mayor Jim Bernard made the same point.

My own testimony was to the effect that we are fortunate as a region to have so many good transit projects in the pipeline, and we should be working to expand the available sources of operations funding.

The point was also made by several members that we need to have a better long-term plan for regional rail expansion. There is some hope that this will come out of the RTP Update.

Last stop on the Streetcar LPA tour coming up next Thursday at the Metro Council.

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