Post Peak Oil Family (of 6) Car

Just because it made me smile. Hat tip to Miles for the pointer.


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  1. I’m always happier when I make people smile. Thanks!

    I think the Mullins’ car is incredibly cool.

    Here’s the other (next) photo of the same vehicle, but with an (ironic? amusing?) SUV in the background… a true study in contrasts:

    A Zem would be fun to drive right now, and it makes me think big thoughts about a world in which energy is much more expensive than it is today and how we’ll choose to get around in that world.

    It’s a family car… but it requires the efforts of a whole family. Interesting thought about how we move through space in groups, no?

    It makes me want to go out and design my own version of it.

  2. For some reason, it kind of reminds me of the Flinstones… sure, they pedaled the car directly with their feet, but still…

    …on the other hand: I want one too!! :-)

  3. hey miles! you know the car runs on biodiesel right? I know not the same as using feet, but better than gasoline :)

  4. Emily’s post reminds me that I seem to be creating a collection of sorts, so if you would like to have a picture of yourself on portlandground in your multiperson human powered vehicle… or perhaps in some other unusual ecovehicle or transportation solution (recumbent bike? recumbent trike? solar powered pogo stick? ) then contact me through and perhaps we can arrange a quick weekend photo shoot and share your story with the world …. 15 minutes of your time would do the trick. Thanks.

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