Land Use gets Tangled in Transportation

Thursday’s Oregonian featured two stories about transportation getting tangled up in land use decisions.

First, Sam Adams has proposed a moratorium on large commercial development on Hayden Island to protect the river crossing. City Council needs to give 45 days notice before taking such a vote and Sam collected a resolution of support for starting the notice period from the Columbia River Crossing Task Force. Sam got a similar resolution from JPACT on Thursday.

Of course, this would also have the effect of stalling development of a Wal-Mart, Sam’s favorite employer, on the island.

The front page describes the legal battle between the City of Portland and SK Northwest over a greenway trail connecting the Eastbank Esplanade with the Springwater Trail. The applicability of a local case that went all the way to the Supreme Court (Dolan v. Tigard) is being debated.

This story was originally broken by, which got no love or credit in the Oregonian story.

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