“Drive Less Save More” Enhances Web Site

The consortium behind the “Drive Less Save More” has enhanced its web site with a bunch of new services:

  • Driving cost calculator
  • Driving tips
  • Trip chaining list generator
  • Gas price tracker
  • Real-time traffic information
  • Traffic alert services
  • Ridesharing and carpooling resources
  • Online public transit resources for Oregon and SW Washington
  • Bus and MAX route listings from TriMet’s Trip Planner
  • Real-time bus and MAX arrivals with TriMet’s Transit Tracker™
  • Online biking and walking resources

One response to ““Drive Less Save More” Enhances Web Site”

  1. They should include a tax breakdown of per mile subsidies and share of taxes that each income bracket contributes for this.

    It would be a very very interesting break down to see. Especially for someone besides me to do it.

    I must admit though, there is a pretty penny to save if one uses subsidized public transit vs. most average subsidized private automobile transit.

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