Death, Taxes and Congestion

Update 19 Jul 2006

A little more data on this. According a post at Price Tags, British Columbia is actually reducing its VMT (it’s actually KMT up there).

Original Post 17 Jul 2006

Even the folks suggesting we consider spending an extra $6B on transportation tell us that congestion can only be slowed, not reversed.

But wait…

Jim Howell passes on this link to data that suggests commuting times in Vancouver, B.C. have decreased. Even the transit folks can’t offer an explanation. But maybe there’s hope!

3 responses to “Death, Taxes and Congestion”

  1. This is stupid.

    Let the market make these decisions. If people pay at cost it WILL REDUCE AND RATIONALIZE TRANSIT USAGE. Otherwise as long as systems are subsidized people take far too many trips and cause “congestion”.

    Stop giving 90% a practical 50% discount at the cost of the top 10% of payers and you’ll see rational transit usage.



    adron –

    It seems to me this is an ideological statement rather than based on any evidence.

    Almost all aspects of our transportation system are collective with the costs shared in some fashion. It seems to me that is because transportation has aspects which make it a natural monopoly. I don’t have two competing streets running in front of my house. And I don’t want two streets even if that would allow a more market oriented transportation system. And I don’t want getting around to be more difficult, cost more and take longer just so that we can have a market.

    If you want to argue a more open market system will make it easier, cheaper and faster then make an argument. It is not at all obvious that will be the result. I think there are places where it will, the Columbia crossing for instance, but those appear to be unique situations.

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