At the Movies: Who Killed the Electric Car?

Update 18 July 2006:

This morning’s Tribune has an interview with the filmmaker and word that the film’s regular run starts on Friday at the Fox theater.

Update 07 July 2006:

Perhaps it’s too early to declare the death of the electric car. Here are a whole range of indicators that it may be coming back:

  • Metro is about to join an organization called the Plug-In Partners that promotes plugging your hybrid car into the grid (or non-grid electric sources) to recharge overnight, trying to avoid gasoline use entirely on short daily trips.
  • A reader passes along a link to a new startup working on electric vehicles.
  • At the City Hall art show last night, I met a gentleman working on builidng electric-assist bikes. We already know electric bikes are huge in China and I think they could be here too (think about a zero-emissions Vespa).

Original Post 03 July 2006:

Via News 4 Neighbors:

WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? chronicles the life and mysterious death of the GM EV1, examining its cultural and economic ripple effects, and how they reverberated through the halls of government and big business. It explains why America can’t break it’s addiction to gasoline. It’s a story everyone who owns an automobile should see.

There will be a benefit preview screening of WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? with Director, Chris Paine on Wednesday, July 12 at 7:00 at the Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd. Admission is $10 and advance tickets are available on-line at, or at the door. Proceeds benefit Livable Place.

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