A Silver Lining in Every Earthquake

From this SHIFT list I picked up this link to a wonderful little video on San Francisco’s choice not to rebuild the Embarcadero Freeway after the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Just for the record, I am NOT crossing my fingers for an earthquake to take care of the Eastbank Freeway.

2 responses to “A Silver Lining in Every Earthquake”

  1. The City & County of San Francisco had made it policy that the Embarcadero Freeway should be removed well before the earthquake, but eveyone knew that CalTrans would never do it. That took Mother Nature.
    The City of Portland should make it policy that the Marquam Bridge and Eastbank Freeway should be removed…then we can see what happens.

  2. Lenny if it moves the bridge and the freeway,
    it’ll probably move OHSU to the riverfront and the tram across the river. Good planning.

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