VMT Tax Pilot Gets Underway

Jim Mayer reports in the Monday O that ODOT is ready to roll out its pilot test of a VMT tax system. 280 test subjects will drive around with a GPS device in their car for 10 months.

Discussion of this idea on other blogs has tended to degenerate into a argument around privacy concerns, but according to ODOT the device will only track whether you’re in the state and whether you’re in an urban area (a hook for some kind of congestion pricing in the future).

I can’t help but think that pretty soon we’re all going to be walking around with GPS-enabled cell phones letting marketers bombard us with ads based on our location, but somehow the idea of this device freaks people out.

On a similar note, I saw an ad in the Wall Street Journal in which IBM was touting its ability to provide similar technology to enable pay-as-you-drive auto insurance.

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