The Edge Defines the Center

Does the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) affect our transportation system? You bet it does – how much we expand the UGB, and where, shapes growth within the boundary. And that drives demand for mobility in different parts of the region.

Which makes City Limits: Walking Portland’s Boundary by David Oates an interesting read. It’s not so much a planning book as a book about the soul of our region.

Courtesy of City Club of Portland, you have two opportunities to explore this book:

On Saturday, June 24th, City Club’s New Leaders Council will host a boundary walk in Hillsboro with Oates and Metro President David Bragdon.

On Monday, June 26th, Citizen’s Read, the Club’s book group, will discuss the book.

Contact Tim DuRoche at 503-228-7231, ext. 103; for info or to sign up for either event.

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