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“Big Look”, “New Look”, are you confused yet?

The Big Look is the state-wide reexamination of the land use planning system.

The New Look is the regional update of our land use, transportation and investment strategies to help us plan for the 1 million or so new folks who will show up in the next 20 years or so.

Now that we’re clear on that, here’s an opportunity to influence the Big Look (statewide).

The Oregon Task Force on Land Use Planning invites you to complete a web survey to tell the Task Force what you think about land use issues in Oregon.

In 2005, the Oregon Legislature and Governor Kulongoski established the Oregon Task Force on Land Use Planning (the Big Look). The Task Force is charged with completing a comprehensive review of Oregon’s land use planning program and drafting recommendations to submit to the 2009 Legislative Assembly.

To help accomplish this task, the Task Force is conducting an evaluation of Oregon’s present land use planning program. One of the Task Force’s first steps is to survey Oregonians to identify major land use issues that the Task Force should study. This survey is designed to help the Task Force identify issues of importance to Oregonians.

Find the survey here.

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