Sauvie Island Bridge Headed for the Scrap Heap

Word just in from Commissioner Sam Adams’ office that efforts to move the Sauvie Island Bridge to NW Portland to complete a bikeway on Flanders Street over I-405 are being dropped. The Commissioner’s office indicates that community response was not sufficient to justify the extra cost of moving the bridge (rather than constructing a smaller-but-to-code new bike/ped bridge).

Translation: private donors did not step up.

I’m sad. It would have been a very cool thing, very much in tune with our community’s ethic of reuse in the interests of sustainability.

If you feel strongly, contact Sam ASAP. Preferrably with cash-in-hand.


3 responses to “Sauvie Island Bridge Headed for the Scrap Heap”

  1. ditto Isaac.

    I wasn’t too stoked about the idea either. It was a neat idea, but it seemed to be far more wasteful to spend the money on something that would most likely be an eye sore than to just build something that people would like…


    …just not build anything. Seems there are plenty of ways to get over I-405.

    …then of course…

    …we could always just start working on covering or eliminating I-405. It’s such a nasty branch of the interstate. It’d probably do even more to increase the land value downtown and grow the area. Imagine all that regained land!!!

  2. Actually, I love the fact that it keeps housing prices in check in Northwest Portland. Without it, I wonder where studio apartment rates would be at… $3000 a month, anyone? Right now it is such a great place to live because it is affordable.

    With proper soundproofing, freeway noise isn’t that big of an issue.

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