Belated Follow-up

Someone asked in a comment last week what the purpose of the Eastside Transit Analysis project was.

I went hunting for the purpose and need statement to give the full set of project goals but couldn’t find it on Metro’s web site. I’ve since gotten the document from Metro (and suggested they put it on the site). This document is critical because it’s what the Feds will score us against when we ask for funds. But now I can’t find the comment where the question was asked!

So for whomever asked, here is the full document (PDF, 19K). Here’s the top-line summary:

The purpose of the Eastside Transit Project is to develop a project that enjoys a high level of public acceptance and community support and will:

  • Reduce reliance on the auto for trips to and within the Central City
  • Improve Central City transit circulation, capacity, connectivity and local access that facilitates economic development and promotes the vitality of the Central City, and
  • Support existing and future streetcar and light rail investments in the region by expanding the system and increasing ridership in a cost-effective manner.

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