Watching it Unfold

We’ve been following the question of where Light Rail might cross the river south of downtown as a case study in how such decisions get made (gradually, not all at once).

Another chapter in the story was presented last week, with Commissioner Adams musing in the Tribune about how Light Rail might benefit the South Waterfront development.

As I said before, one of the dimensions of this struggle will be between the Central East side and South Waterfront wrangling over who will get proximity to the service. This one is a long way from over, but it’s fun to watch the skirmishes.

Proving that he can hold two contradictory ideas in his head at the same time, I’m pretty sure that Sam will vote sometime in June for an east-side streetcar alignment that will assume the light rail bridge will be built at Caruthers, where Streetcar can use it to get back to PSU. That’s a pretty non-committal vote at this point, because there won’t be enough dollars to get Streetcar all the way to OMSI in one bite (for that matter there aren’t enough dollars to get Milwaukie Light Rail very far at all yet). So we can watch this one play out for a while.

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