The Economic Development Benefits of Streetcar

This comparison of the development along Streetcar alignments in various cities showed up in my e-mail box this week, courtesy of the national Community Streetcar Coalition.

Streetcar Benefits to Investment
of Service
Initial Track Miles Initial
System Cost Per Track Mile (Millions)
System Cost (Millions)^
Investment (Millions)*
on Investment (%)
Expansion Planned
Kenosha 2000 2.0 3.00 6.00 150 2400.00 Yes
Little Rock 2004 2.5 7.84 19.60 200 920.41 Yes
Tampa 2003 2.3 24.35 56.00 1000 1685.71 Yes
Portland 2001 4.8 11.38 54.60 2300 4112.45 Yes
^ This represents
the total costs of the project including maintenance facilities and in
Tampa’s case, land acquisition.
* This represents planned and existing development investments
directly related to the lines. Numbers
were through interviews in Little Rock and Kenosha, a development study in
Portland, and calculations of new planned development located three blocks or
less from the streetcar in Tampa.

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