Stronger Calls to Action Needed?

An op-ed in Saturday’s New York Times suggests that the current dialog around Global Warming produces lots of anxiety but no action.

How can we challenge our society, here in our region, in our country, or globally, to take meaningful actions?

2 responses to “Stronger Calls to Action Needed?”

  1. If Portland is able to challenge other urban region in the transportation realm, our windpower industry could challenge another region—like the GREAT LAKES! It’s supposed to be one the windiest areas of North America–so that’s why they call Chicago the “windy city”– and is home to a gazillion people in both the US and Canada. Worldwide, there are various developments which are increasing the efficiency of wind turbines, and a massive project would be the catalyst to really bring the cost down. It would also be a good venue to test out bird protection methods.

    The rising cost of fuel oils is also augmented by natural gas consumption and this region is probably the biggest consumer, both summer and winter. Natural gas demand rises even during the summer as air conditioning demand increases. The Northeast and North Central can have just as great a demand for AC as Texas, per capita. The entire energy complex can spiral upward in price—or it may spiral downward under the right combination.

    Would coal be a competitor? Maybe, but it may never be completely clean. What will people in Appalachia and Northeast say about a bunch of new coal mining? I suppose the jobs would be attractive, but not much else.

    So from a Borderline project in Oregon and Washington, how about a Borderline Project in US and Canada?

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