Parking in Neighborhood Business Districts

I seem to have gotten myself prominently quoted in yesterday’s Tribune on parking in NW Portland.

In the same issue, there is an article on Sam Adams’ efforts to get paid parking in more business districts (more info on Sam’s blog).

Believe it or not, my neighborhood is actually an argument in favor of Sam’s approach.

While ultimately the insistence of the business association (one developer in particular) to attach off-street parking structures tanked any kind of consensus, the neighborhood had actually gotten behind the idea of paid parking before that point.

The key benefits of paid parking, particularly in near-in neighborhoods are:

  1. Remove park-and-hide commuters who drive into the inner city, park for free, then hop on transit to complete their trip downtown, avoiding downtown parking rates.
  2. Encourage turnover of parking spaces in front of retail shops and restaurants.
  3. Funnel meter revenue back into improvements in the neighborhood.

So I think Sam has it right, but I wish he could convince his Council colleagues to deal with the screwed-up stalemate in my neighborhood.

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