Officially Respectible: Bicycle Commuting Featured in Wall Street Journal

This must be what mainstream feels like.

Thursday’s Wall Street Journal has an article (sorry, no link, you need a password) in the “Personal Journal” section talking about efforts by cities to attract people to bicycle commuting. The focus is on incentives and end-of-trip facilities. Portland gets a mention, but not a very accurate one:

Eager to reduce traffic james and pollution, cities including Chicago; Louisville, Ky; and Portland, Ore. are adding biking-policy departments at city hall…

Well, that’s only about 20 years after the fact.

What’s next, Vanity Fair?

2 responses to “Officially Respectible: Bicycle Commuting Featured in Wall Street Journal”

  1. That is definately a forward moving step, getting in the wallstreet journal lends credit to the idea for people in Texas, Louisiana, and many of the other states where bicycling is commonly referred to as “the chinese solution” and given a very derogatory run in local circles.

    With the Wallstreet Journal talking it up though then it gives one more point of credibility to the idea. Not that anyone here in ole’ PDX needs bicycle commuting to be any more credible. ;) We know it works in these parts.

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