Just In – Final Confirmation of Global Warming

This hit my mailbox yesterday:

What: “Global Warming in the Pacific Northwest” Seminar
When: June 8 & 9, 2006
Where: Grand Hyatt Seattle– Seattle, WA
Global Warming will have a particular meaning for the Pacific Northwest, dependent as the region’s economy and way of life are on the water cycle, on electricity generation technology and fuel choices, and on international trade with predominately Kyoto-compliant partners.

In the absence of federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, states are moving to introduce emission constraints on auto tailpipes and electricity deliveries. The West Coast Governors Global Warming initiative aligns the three West Coast States in an effort that parallels CO2 cap-and-trade emissions control efforts in the Northeast.

You will learn the causes, consequences and regional policy choices regarding Global Warming which will affect everyone in this region.

Washington State Bar Association – Approved for 10.5 General CLE Credits.
Oregon State Bar – Approved for 11.5 General CLE Credits.
Idaho State Bar – Approved for 10.5 General CLE Credits.

That’s right, continuing education credits for lawyers for learning about Global Warming. Does it get any more real than that?

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