Safety vs. Convenience

A few months ago, a pedestrian was tragically killed on NW 23rd not far from my home. The immediate response from the neighborhood was to ask for lower speed limits and striped crosswalks at all intersections.

The Tribune reported yesterday that the business association has withdrawn their support for the crosswalks. Apparently they are concerned that this would force parking removal at the corners.

There are a couple of aspects of this that I want to explore:

1) I think we could figure out how to provide crosswalks without changing the parking, and we should separate the issues.

2) There is a real safety problem at the corners because of the visibility issues created by the parked cars. I’m teaching my 16-year-old step-daughter to drive, and skill #1 to get off our block is to learn to look between and through the windows of parked cars to see if it’s safe to turn out onto NW 23rd. Removing parking is one solution, but probably not a popular one to any group in the neighborhood. Another option would be to enforce the existing regulations that prohibit tall vehicles within a certain distance of the corner (kudos to anyone who can find the code section for me).

How do other neighborhoods feel about this problem and potential solutions?

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