Peak Oil Lecture on Tuesday

Luke Tonachel will be speaking on “Addicted to Oil: Clever Ways to Kick the Habit”

Tuesday, April 18, 7 to 8pm, Flavia Salon on the Marylhurst Campus
The talk is FREE. So is parking.
Refreshments will be served.

Luke Tonachel works on transportation energy issues for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Mr. Tonachel’s work focuses on reducing U.S. oil dependence through policies that promote advanced vehicle technologies and cleaner, more sustainable fuels. He co-authored Securing America: Solving Our Oil Dependence Through Innovation and is a core member of the Break The Chain Campaign to reduce America’s dependence on oil and reduce global warming pollution from vehicles. Prior to coming to NRDC, Mr. Tonachel worked in the private sector and served as an officer in the Navy, including managing nuclear propulsion plant and shipboard operations on a navy cruiser. Mr. Tonachel also has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley.

For additional information, call 503-699-6275, or email

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