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Much has been debated about the Portland Aerial Tram project. Yesterday, the City Council, in a close vote, endorsed continuing construction of the tram and committed more city money from various sources to the project.

Interestingly, just hours earlier, passengers on a tram in New York were being evacuated from a stalled system via crane and maintenance carriage. The time from initial failure to rescue completion was about 12 hours, and an investigation into the causes and procedures followed is ongoing.

Regardless of one’s position on the Portland tram, I think the New York system may provide some insights on what to expect in terms of performance and in terms of the potential for failure. I think it is fair to ask PATI what safeguards are incorporated in the Portland design which would prevent, or at least lessen the severity of, a New York style failure.

Here’s a link to a New York Times article on the subject:

– Bob R.

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