A New Process for a New Regional Transportation Plan?

I’ve been banging the drum lately that citizens should get involved very early in policy development to have maximum impact, so they’re not left asking “when did that decision get made?” Well, here’s a golden opportunity.

The Metro Council has been saying that this update to the Regional Transportation Plan will be different – we’re going to stop deluding ourselves by having a “preferred system” made up of projects that cost 3 times what we actually have to spend. That means making some hard choices and really thinking about the transportation system we’re going to live with for the next 20 years.

So what kind of citizen input process do we want to use to make this choices? I have the opportunity (because of my MPAC membership) to participate in a workshop next week to scope the RTP process. What kind of outreach should we be doing and what kinds of discussions should we be having with the region to do this right?

I want to hear your ideas!

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