Trib Keeps Digging at Transit Mall

Two pieces today. An article on the City of Portland’s objection to relocating so many buses to 3rd and 4th during construction (probably not unreasonable) and an analysis piece that suggests that some key decisions were made in poorly publicized meetings (I don’t really buy the idea that anyone was fooled by calling the auto lane a “multi-modal travel lane”).

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  1. Wait — so, now this plan involves removing trees to make room for cars? The Trib article implied that this might mean on more blocks than just the obvious ones on the Transit mall that would need to be messed with under most mall redevelopment scenarios. Anybody speculate on any off-mall trees that might require removal?

    From the second article:

    “And others complained that existing downtown sidewalks will be narrowed and trees removed to accommodate the heavier vehicle traffic.”

    What is this in reference to?

  2. I think this refers to the mall itself. There are several blocks where the auto lane does not go through and there are extremely wide sidewalks. These would obviously be narrowed.

    I have not heard of anything changing on streets off-mall other than adding bus stops.

  3. Man, I’m dreading this project. You can tell the the project is being forced. Can anyone tell me why its so important to have that auto lane? Is it worth the trees, the sidewalk, the weaving MAX, the displaced buses, the public art and the extra cash?

  4. Wow, is this TriMet or the Bush Administration?

    It seems like TriMet is obfuscating facts and trying to force this project despite resistance from just about every group involved.

    Time to bag this horrible project before TriMet creates a real transportation disaster.

  5. Trimet has been in the past possible the best run agency in the region. I don’t know what has happen of late, but they seem to be having a rough time. This is coming from a Huge fan, but I can’t tell you the amount of complaints I’m hearing about rude drivers, late buses, dirty buses and now this bizarre forced transit mall. Its not any kind of statistical survey, but everyone I’ve talked to about this project are a bit upset, especially about the sidewalk, tree and art lose. They can live with delays, but to quote a famous movie “you have meddled with the primial forces of nature (downtown) and you shall atone” TriMet is in for a very large back lash and I’m afraid lightrail is going to get the most blamed.

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