China Taxes SUVs, Chopsticks

Hat tip to Dave Brook for the pointer to this article.

3 responses to “China Taxes SUVs, Chopsticks”

  1. Even with the taxes, I’d love to see some statistics on their auto usage and gas/fuel/petro usage. I know they have two high speed rail lines getting built and hundreds of other projects that are awe inspiring in this day and age. But the one thing that will affect the US in the present is what their demand for oil is going to be.

    Even with the taxes I bet their fuel usage continues to sky rocket. They are in essence, attempting to imitate us Americans and our suburban & SUV lifestyle, which probably isn’t feasible. The funny thing the Chinese seem to be much more aware of this problem then us US People.

  2. I doubt these taxes will have much effect on consumption. It’s better than nothing; it’s more progressive than what we’ve done in the U.S. thus far; but it still may be too little, too late.

    China should give tax incentives for purchasing bicycles, and add another zero to the taxes they’ve just proposed for each of these size of vehicles.

    …and then the U.S. should follow suit.

    I think we buy too many cars, too often, and drive them too much. Why don’t our cars last 30 years? Why don’t we build cars that get 50 mpg and last for 50 years, but cost more than $50,000? People would then have an incentive to think twice before rushing out and buying a car at the drop of a hat, and there would be more of a focus on quality.

    Anyways, I digress.

  3. When the average worker in Shanghai makes ~$466 dollars a month, you bet taxes will make a difference in what kind of car people buy!

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