Regional Attitudes on Transportation

Yesterday I mentioned the new Regional Attitudes Polling done by Metro. I got the electronic file today, you can see the whole presentation here.

But I know what you’re really interested in is the transportation stuff, so here goes…

Public Opinion Research Presentation_04

Transportation is just barely top of mind, but at about the same level in all counties.

Public Opinion Research Presentation_12

The scary slide, roads above rail, but it gets better later.

Public Opinion Research Presentation_27

Here’s the start of the section on transportation.

Public Opinion Research Presentation_28

Alternate modes are very desired!

Public Opinion Research Presentation_29

Investments in transit are favored over roads!

Public Opinion Research Presentation_30

Washington County not as supportive as other areas…

One response to “Regional Attitudes on Transportation”

  1. Well, if nothing else, it tends to support the current momentum of Beavertron & Hillsobor.

    Will become interesting as Washington County is built to denser levels as land values rise…

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