Updated: 9 Points to Platinum

Sam and Earl will unveil their 9-point plan to get Portland to Platinum Cycling status at an event Thursday evening (7PM) at the downtown Bike Gallery store (SW 10th and Salmon).

See you there.

Update Feb 1st:

Here are the nine points in the plan to be announced tomorrow:

Nine-Part Strategy:
1.Significant enhancement of Portland’s existing bikeway network
2.Significant expansion of bicycle-friendly infrastructure
3.A comprehensive update of Portland’s Bicycle Master Plan
4.Targeted educational efforts that serve as national models
5.A mountain of bicycle encouragement activities
6.Expanded programs with law enforcement
7.Integration of bicycling into Oregon’s tourism and economic development efforts
8.Finding and committing to increased funding for bicycle improvements and services using federal, state, and local resources.
9.Adoption of a City Council resolution on Platinum and review of possible City policy changes

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