Talking About the Tram

The Tram is being talked about everywhere today. There is a Steve Duin column as well as a long piece by Ryan Frank on the history of the project in the Oregonian.

And of course Jack Bog is blasting the project, while Portland Architecture is (at least partially) rising to its defense.

About the only place where you’re not hearing about the Tram is here at Portland Transport. I’ve written no specific pieces on our latest mode of transportation.

Why not? I’m deeply conflicted about this project. While I believe it’s going to become a signature transportation tool for our city, and part of an overall transportation system I’m very proud of, I have a lot of reservations about how it was done.

I was not impressed with the way neighborhood concerns were handled, and clearly the budget development process, and the way it was presented to the community, were – to be charitable – inadequate.

So I’m on the back benches on this one, gritting my teeth waiting for the pain to be over, but hoping for a good long-term outcome.

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