Bridge Work Rained Out… Again

The weekend closure of the Burnside Bridge to change lane marking for the upcoming maintence work is rained out for the second weekend in a row. The plan is now for next weekend…

2 responses to “Bridge Work Rained Out… Again”

  1. 26 straight days up here with some rain, and it has impacted Commuter Train and Amtrak service, and caused the need for emergency road repairs.

  2. Hi Im trying to find some information on bridge work in the portland metro area. What information I am seeking is genral contractors and or sub contractors who are repairing or replacing bridges in the area. I am asking for this information because I am thinking about moving back to the area because it is just a awesome place to live. I do not know if I am posting this in the right fourm but I thought I would just try to find a little info.

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