Welcome, Paul Smith

A while back, we noted that Commissioner Sam Adams had two critical hires to make, a new PDOT Director, and a new head for the planning section. These hires will help shape the next step in Portland’s transportation evolution.

For now, Sam does not appear to have set a direction for the Director hire. Sue Keil, an able administrator, is firmly in place as Interim Director (and intends to apply for the permanent position), but Sam has not indicated criteria for the search process.

But recently the second slot has been filled. I had a chance to meet Paul Smith (no relation) at Friday’s TPAC meeting. Paul brings a wealth of experience, having worked on the City of Boston’s bicycle plan, been a principal at Alta Planning, and served as an MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization – the federal speak for ‘regional transportation planning’) Director back east. His resume shows a strong ped/bike orientation.

Welcome to the upper left corner, Paul, we’ll be looking for good things from you!

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