PDOT must Manage, Maintain and Market Portland’s Outstanding Transportation Options

This post was orginally a comment on TONIGHT: Transportation Budget Forum.

Faced with limited resources and growing demand, I expect PDOT to do what any private sector organization would do…increase operational efficiency by:

Focusing on key customers…i.e. managing demand, Prioritizing maintenance, and Investing in low cost capital projects that support the management and maintenance strategy, and then Marketing the hell out of a great product….Portland’s Transportation Options!

Key customers: offer better service to Freight and non-discretionary auto trips that support economic development by reducing number and length of discretionary auto trips.

Encourage shorter trips:

Support retail revitalization in local neighborhoods (invest in street design projects…wider sidewalks, curb extension, better lighting, trees; calming or redirecting through traffic)

Improve bike, walk and transit connections between employment areas and adjacent neighborhoods (invest in sidewalks, crosswalks and curb extensions, bike lanes, bikeways)

Reduce number of discretionary auto trips…

Complete the city-wide bicycle network…(invest in filling in gaps, improved signage and better general visibility of bike network.

Give preference to transit…(invest in signal preemption, stops at curb extensions)

Aggressively market new & existing transportation options …TravelSmart and PDOT Options…insure that citizens know that they have travel choices.

Extra benefits: reduced energy usage, reduced air emissions including CO2, reduced storm water run-off from streets and parking lots.

Prioritize maintenance on Main Streets and multi-modal (freight, transit &/or bike) arterials that link employment areas to neighborhoods and to regional routes.

  • Maintain the integrity of freight routes, major transit streets and bike network.
  • Fund replacement of weight restricted and aging bridges that serve industrial/employment areas.

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