Postcard from Amsterdam

A short break from writing about policy to talk about our experience here in Amsterdam. I couldn’t resist taking this photo for Commissioner Dan Saltzman. It’s the perfect urban development – transportable, green-roof, residential – do you think we can get it LEED certified?

It’s actually just a block from our Amsterdam HQ. Portland Transport (myself and my partner Staci) are sharing an apartment for the week with the BTA delegation. The apartment is in the middle of the canal belt and I can’t imagine a better location. It’s a vibrant urban location with great access to transit, restaurants and culture. And just a brisk walk or quick tram ride to the central railway station to facilitate our visits to other cities.

The only downside I can think of is that the staircases in the apartment (it’s on three floors) are so steep they are more like stepladders than stairs. I can testify the BTA Exec. Dir. Evan Manvel makes a resounding thump when he falls down a flight of stairs (no worries, he’s uninjured).

Back to policy later today…


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