A couple of changes on the site to note. First, we’ve upgraded to Movable Type version 3.2. The biggest impact should be coping with comment and trackback spam. This should not be very visible to users, as we have been policing it diligently, but it will be less effort now for us to stay on top of this.

The other change is in the home page. With more photos on the site, I noticed that loading times for the home page were very long. I have made a modification so that only the first few posts show the full post. The remainder show an excerpt (which won’t have graphics) and a link to the full post.

We’re also playing with a new metrics package, Measure Map which we were invited to alpha test. It’s letting us get more texture on how people are using the site than Site Meter does. I especially like being able to see what search queries folks use to find us.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how the site is working for you.

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