NY Times Calls for Higher Gas Taxes

This morning the NY Times editorialized in favor of higher federal gas taxes “to connect our crises and our consumption in a coherent way.”

2 responses to “NY Times Calls for Higher Gas Taxes”

  1. well, that convinced me. I’m all for a higher gas tax, you just have to implement it slowly and allow for the public to adjust.

  2. I agree about the slow implementation and time to adjust.

    Say, raise taxes $1.00 per gallon, beginning with a 10-cent increase in three years, and growing 10 cents per year. Full phase-in over twelve years. Use half the money for alternative energy and energy efficiency R&D.

    That would give people plenty of time to adjust, choosing whatever personal strategy fits them best to deal with the new tax. Fuel-efficient vehicle, bio-diesel, bicycle or walk more, limit your trips, live closer to work, take public transit, keep the SUV but buy a Smart Car or a Vespa for local trips — the choice is yours.

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