New Types of Bike Facilities Needed?

Last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal (yes, the Journal now publishes on Saturdays) contained an article about congestion on bike paths. Unfortunately the online article requires a subscription, so I can’t link to it.

The main theme of the article was about the popularity of off-street trails and the resulting congestion and conflicts between types of users: pedestrians, slow recreational cyclists and faster commuting cyclists.

The article went on to suggest segregated facilities for peds and bikes as one possible solution, but mentioned that federal funding guidelines generally required that trails be ‘multi-use’ precluding this approach. It also talked about widening trails to allow less conflict between users and discussed the differing requirements driving the width of trails, including issues like bikes with trailers needing a wider turning radius.

In light of the BTA’s recently released blueprint and Portland Transport’s imminent departure to tour bike facilities in Amsterdam, what would you suggest our region needs in the way bike facilities?

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