Indulging My Obsession with Crosswalks

Prague Crosswalks portlandtransport’s Prague Crosswalks photoset

Regular readers will know that I have a bit of a thing about our crosswalks (or lack thereof) in Portland and like to bring back examples from other cities that take them seriously.

So here are two examples from Prague. The first is a run-of-the-mill crosswalk found at most corners – not radically different in concept from what we do in Portland.

But the 2nd, shown from the viewpoint of both the motorist and the pedestrian is something else entirely. There are actually two steps in the street that the car has to go over!

From the driver’s point of view, this definitely looks like a barrier. From the pedestrian’s point of view, it’s very inviting!

Come on PDOT, let’s get some of these out there on Portland’s streets.

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