First Impressions from Praha (Prague)

Prague 1 portlandtransport’s Prague 1 photoset

Just checked in to the hotel in Prague, and trying to stay awake until dinner so I can get myself adjusted to the time zone. A few semi-random impressions from the journey:

– It really is critical to our region’s economy to have the direct Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. It makes getting to destinations in Europe much easier (11 hours to Prague – very convenient).

– We are spoiled in American airports. The picture here from Frankfurt Main is of the bus from the gate to the plane. Jetways are for wimps, and less common here in Europe.

– T-mobile proudly proclaims in ads all over the place (in English) that they are the largest cell phone carrier in the Czech Republic (the company is German). Nonetheless, my T-Mobile cell phone doesn’t work here. But I’m clueless why there was a T-Mobile jet at the airport…

– There are Streetcars EVERYWHERE in Prague. More photos later in the week. One key difference from Portland – here they are all center running, sometimes with dedicated right of way, sometimes in the auto lane. Platforms are about a 4 foot strip of concrete.

[A note about our use of Flickr to share the photos. The images to the right are a Flickr ‘badge’ and represent a thumbnail sample from a larger set. You can follow the link to Flickr to see the full set and in larger sizes.]

More later. Tomorrow morning we’re off to Ostrava, where the next three cars for Portland are being manufactured.

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