Better Bike Signage Needed

I had occasion to go out to the Columbia River Crossing project open house today (look for a full post shortly). It was held at Jantzen Beach and I opted to use my bike, assisted by the Yellow Line.

After reaching the Expo Center I was absolutely dumbfounded as to how to get from there to the bike lane over the Columbia Slough bridge. Fortunately another cyclist was able to point me in the right direction, but even then I made a wrong turn and had to retrace my steps.

This is clearly an area that could benefit from much better signage!

3 responses to “Better Bike Signage Needed”

  1. I agree Chris! Maybe Metro, PDOT, or someone else should consider starting organized rides from Expo Center to J-Beach just to promote and educate people about this route…but better signage would sure help.

    Great to hear you rode your bike out to that meeting!

  2. Three weeks ago, the folks from the Vancouver transportation department led a guided cycling tour from the Kenton Max station over the Interstate bridge, and into the Couve. It was indeed a rather mystifying route, for a newbie, at least.

    But I am under the impression that they give this tour a couple of times a year . . . keep your eye on the Shift schedule (URL in my signature above, and here: for the next one.

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