My Trip: Michelle Looks for a Guiding Light on the Waterfront

I’ve begun riding my new bicycle most places in lieu of taking the bus. It’s at least fifteen minutes quicker than on my way to work compared to the bus (7.71 miles one way!). I choose a bike lane, bike/pedestrian only path which leads me down the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Generally, this proves to be quite pleasant – during the day. However, at night, it becomes borderline treacherous between the Hawthorne and Burnside bridges as there is no lighting to guide the way. This could be quite dangerous for someone who isn’t familiar with the path, especially near the Portland Spirit loading zone with the stairs leading down to the dock.

I’m wondering if this topic has come up before, if there is any other concern for having this section moderately lit, and what else it would take to get this section moderately lit. The sections north and south of this bit have lighting, so why not this section?

Although, I was happy to be the ‘guiding light’ for a gentleman last night with my rear light blinking ferociously, it seems we could have a better way of getting folks to talk to one another!


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